Emeel is 24 hours

Emeel provides consumers access to whatever they want and need on-demand 24 hours a day.


Select from shops, and markets nearby and have your order delivered within the hour.


Quickly summon a car to get you to your destination anytime.

Parcel Delivery

Send a parcel or item accross town, complete with real time tracking.


Pay for services and items, and receive payments quickly from friends and family.


Become a Driver

Learn about all the possibilities that comes with driving with Emeel.

Earn more

Receive more jobs and tasks on the road.

Lead in technology

Emeel is a leader in Mongolia tech.

Selections you want, with speed you need

Emeel aims to provide the fastest delivery in the city with 24hour availablilty.

Select from a growing and robust list of options for shopping and food delivery.

Coming soon

Available for both iTunes or Play Store.